Karen came to Wicked through her son, Jeromia. He was growing our spring vegetables in February of 2021 and suggested we bring his mom on to the team to help him for a couple weeks. Well Karen immediately stepped up to the plate, helped get our spring crop in and the rest is history.


Karen fills many roles at Wicked! Aside from growing a vast majority of our edibles, she has mastered growing our foliage plants. She sets our lot weekly bringing the prettiest plants out for our customers to find. She keeps all of our plants hydrated daily and weekly feeds the lot! 


After being a part of the family for over a year, I can not image life at Wicked without Karen. She is one of those people that loves plants so much, its like all our plants are her personal babies...that is what sets Wicked apart from any other place you could buy plants, that personal love for them!