Jeromia has been an integral part of Wicked since way before it was an idea. He came to us as a farm hand right out of high school in 2012 and has been a valued part of the team ever since.


He helped build the farm, got the animals settled in and now helps us grow all our edibles.


It was Jeromia who pushed me to take the leap and start Wicked. He kept telling me that we would be ok, even after the third day of business in 2020 when President Trump closed the entire country. Jeromia kept saying, we will be alright! Its that faith and support that has helped Wicked become what we are today.


Jeromia works beside Karen, also his mom growing babies for us to sell. When he is not planting vegetables and herb seeds, he is growing succulents, cactus and a plethora of other awesome plants. He is happy to pitch in where we need him, even out installing walls and trees with the landscape team.


Jeromia always has a voice in the direction of the team and is one of our guiding lights!