Hi, I am Alyssa Hall and I am a total plant nerd! My story starts so far back, I was still learning to walk. We lived in Florida and my mom had flower pots outside our condo and I would pick all her flowers off, I didn't know then that the flowers looked better on the plants. I am one of those lucky kids that got to play in the dirt all the time. It helps that my mom was nuts about gardening. Every spring she would have me outside replacing all the geraniums we planted in the fall (yes in Florida its a winter annual) with the heat loving kalanchoes. At age five she would send me out every Sunday to deadhead the flowers, the right way!

One year my bother and I got mom a mango tree for our front yard. It was amazing, offering loads for huge fruit every July. Gardening and plants were a part of our daily lives. By the time I was 10, mom was sending me out to the pool to water all her houseplants weekly, in those days, it was a total chore! Plants just were not my gig!

So time carries on and in 2010 my family moved from Florida to Virginia where we set up our new home on Copper Creek in Scott County. Mom was crazy and planted 10 raised bed gardens our first year there, but at this time I was in high school with my own set of wheels and gardening was the last thing I wanted to do. And time goes on...


Mom got a job running the greenhouse at one of the local garden centers in 2014 and was having a blast! I watched as she changed from being a corporate business woman to just enjoying life playing with plants. In 2015 she gave me the opportunity to work in the greenhouse and the rest is history!


Mom and I love to go on road trips searching out those rare and cool plants we can bring home and propagate to have new plants for our shop. I love making babies! I have collected a nice selection of rare houseplants and offer them for sale on a regular basis. Stop in and check out our greenhouse, you will find all kinds of great finds!