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Aeschynanthus Radicans Rasta Curly Lipstick Plant - $12.99
Aeschynanthus Radicans Rasta Curly Lipstick Plant
This South East Asian native is prized for it's vibrant red lipstick shaped blooms and stunning curling leaves. We love bright Ambient light and appreciates a Slight Dry between drinks.
Asplenium Antiquum Crested Bird's Nest Fern - $12.99
Asplenium Antiquum Crested Bird's Nest Fern
Loved for It's dramatic and fleshy leaf shape and texture this easy going fern makes a great house pet! Native to Southern Asia we are Low Light Adaptable and take a Slight Dry
Asplenium Hurricane Bird's Nest Fern - $12.99
Asplenium Hurricane Bird's Nest Fern
A favorite for its spinning growth pattern this spiral leafed member of the Bird's Nest Fern family that grows native all the way from Southern Asia to Eastern Africa! Low Light Adaptable Slight Dry
Begonia Pink Spotted Angel Wing - $14.99
Begonia Pink Spotted Angel Wing
A breathtaking Japanese and Chinese native known for it's vibrate pink spotted metallic leaves and easy going nature. If left untipped can max at over 6ft tall! Lots of Bright Ambient light Slight Dry
Cissus Quadrangularis Veldt Grape - $12.99
Cissus Quadrangularis Veldt Grape
This unassuming member of the Grape Family grows native all the way from Southern Africa to India! it's loved for it's strange square stems and cute oak like leaves. Bright Ambient Light, Slight Dry.
Epipremnum Pinnatum Split Leaf Pothos - $14.99
Epipremnum Pinnatum Split Leaf Pothos
This Rare Pothos is all the fun of the Swiss Cheese Plant with OUT the need for high humidity or bright light! We are quite Low Light Adaptable and apprecate a Slight Dry
Hoya Curtisii - $12.99
Hoya Curtisii
A Rare Hoya variety known for its beautifully metallic spots on adorable dark green heart shaped leaves and its plastic looking blooms. Grows Native in Asia. loves Bright Ambient Light and Slight Dry
Hoya Gracilis - $14.99
Hoya Gracilis
A Rare exotic Hoya loved for its lovely metallic spotted oval succulent like leaves and strange plastic like red blooms! Trailing plant grows native from Southeast Asia Bright Ambient Light Slight Dry
Hoya Macrophylla - $14.99
Hoya Macrophylla
A Rare Hoya native to Borneo with incredibly textured thick succulent like leaves with slight white and red variegation. known as the Honey Hoya for it's sweet flowers, Bright Ambient Light Slight Dry
Hoya Pubicalyx - $14.99
Hoya Pubicalyx
A Rare Hoya with super cool long silver or pink spotted thick succulent like leaves. This variety is native to the Philippines and loves lots of warmth, a Slight Dry and Bright to Medium Ambient Light
Hoya Wayetii - $12.99
Hoya Wayetii
A Rare Hoya variety prized for its skinny Fleshy leaves and trailing nature. and adorable plastic like red blooms! Native to the Philippines this Hoya loves heat Bright Ambient Light an Slight Dry
Peperomia Angulata  - $9.99
Peperomia Angulata
A wonderful trailing variety native to Central and South America. Nicknamed the Beetle Peperomia for its Scarab shaped leaves. We are easy going needing a Hard Dry between drinks and Bright Light
Peperomia Caperata Quinto - $9.99
Peperomia Caperata Quinto
This Breathtaking Peperomia hybrid is adored for its super vibrant red to orange foliage and its super sweet small nature. Maxes at 12 inches tall and needs lots of Bright Ambient Light and a Hard Dry
Peperomia Emerald Ripple - $9.99
Peperomia Emerald Ripple
A Stunning, Small Peperomia hybrid with captivating silver metallic leaves with a dark green vein, and beautiful rippled texture. we are a Central/South American Native. Bright Ambient Light Hard Dry
Peperomia Orba Pixie Lime - $12.99
Peperomia Orba Pixie Lime
This Central/South American native is known for its delicate, striped, tear drop shaped leaves. They're a nice smaller houseplant maxing at only 4 to 6 inchs. Bright Ambient Light and a Hard Dry
Peperomia Orba Tear Drop - $12.99
Peperomia Orba Tear Drop
This Adorable Central/South American native is loved for its super cute fleshy deep green foliage. They're a sweet small houseplant that maxes at 4 to 6 inches. bright Ambient Light, Hard Dry
Peperomia Piccolo Banda - $9.99
Peperomia Piccolo Banda
A sought after Peperomia native to Central/South America prized for its stunning red veined and intense textured leaves and stems. Maxes at about 12 inches tall and loves Bright Ambient Light Hard Dry
Peperomia Rana Verde - $9.99
Peperomia Rana Verde
Yet another Central/ South American native, named for its intense green rippling leaves. We're a relatively small variety maxing at 6inches tall. We love Bright Ambient Light and A Hard Dry
Peperomia Rubella - $9.99
Peperomia Rubella
A Beautiful upright Peperomia variety prized for its lovely vibrant red stems and easy going nature. A native to Jamaica that loves Bright Ambient Light and a Hard Dry
Philodendron Bipennifolium Aurea Golden Violin  - $16.99
Philodendron Bipennifolium Aurea Golden Violin
This Rare Philo is a "Neon" or yellow version of the typical Bipennifolium and got it's nickname from its violin shaped leaves. We are slightly Low Light adaptable and like a Hard Dry.
Philodendron Rojo Congo - $14.99
Philodendron Rojo Congo
This Common Philodendron is prized for its vibrant red stems and easy going nature, and grow naturally in South America. We are very Low Light Adaptable and like A Hard Dry between drinks.
Philodendron Black Cardinal - $14.99
Philodendron Black Cardinal
This beautiful bushing Philodendron is loved for its stunning deep red stems and dark leaves. It's also well known for its easy going nature and Low Light adaptability. Appreciates a Slight Dry.
Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole - $24.99
Philodendron Fuzzy Petiole
This Rare Philo is a South American Native prized for what its name hints... its crazy fuzzy stems! We also have soft velveteen leaves and we are very low light adaptable and appreciate a Hard Dry
Philodendron Little Apple - $14.99
Philodendron Little Apple
This adorable mini Philo maxes at only 4" by 4" and flashes beautiful red stripes up it's leaf stems. Low Light Adaptable Hard Dry
Philodendron Micans - $12.99
Philodendron Micans
One of our Wicked Favorites for it's super soft velveteen textured leaves and red metallic hues. This trailing variety is very easy appreciating a Slight Dry between drinks and Bright Ambient Light
Pilea Peperomioides Chinese Money Plant - $12.99
Pilea Peperomioides Chinese Money Plant
As it's name suggests we grow native in the tropical regions of Southern China and a favored for our super round coin shaped leaves. like UFO's about to beam you up! Bright Ambient Light, Slight Dry
Plectranthus Fancifillers Guacamole Swedish Ivy - $12.99
Plectranthus Fancifillers Guacamole Swedish Ivy
A fun new hybrid of a classic old favorite Swedish Ivy with lots more green on green Variegation. Grows native in Northern Australia and the Pacific Islands and like a Slight Dry and Bright Light.
Pothos Cebu Blue - $14.99
Pothos Cebu Blue
A Rare Sliver or Blue tinted trailing plant that will eventually split it's leaves with maturity. Extremely Low Light Adaptable and appreciates a Slight Dry between drinks
Pothos Golden - $9.99
Pothos Golden
A common extremely easy going trailing plant with natural yellow variegation. Native to all sorts of regions from China to Australia. Very Low Light Adaptable and appreciates a Slight Dry.
Pothos Global Green - $12.99
Pothos Global Green
A super cool, rare, new aged hybrid with Green on Green variegation. Needs Bright Light to keep pushing vibrant colors but is very easy going liking a Slight Dry between drinks
Scindapsaus Treubii Moonlight - $17.99
Scindapsaus Treubii Moonlight
A Rare subspecies of Pothos is prized for its intensely Silver iridescent metallic leaves. We are a slow growing trailer that is very Low Light Adaptable and very Drought Tolerant needing a Hard Dry
Syngonium Golden Allusion - $12.99
Syngonium Golden Allusion
This Arrowhead Plant hybrid is loved for its beautiful soft light green leaves with vibrant pink veins. Syngonium are native from Mexico to Ecuador and very easy going. Bright Ambient Light, Hard Dry