Designed for Ages 5 - 12

(Will accept mature 4 year olds,

and older kids willing to help)




Please bring a sack lunch, we will provide drinks & snacks!

Everyone loves a story! With a good story, we can become lost in another world; we can expand the world we are in; we can be profoundly moved; and we can certainly learn volumes. Some of the most powerful and memorable stories are those that were read to us as children.

The Wicked Plant Shop's "Literature in the Garden" program aims to engage children through powerful garden & ecology-themed children's books. We will use those books to inspire learning through outdoor activities, creative expression and open exploration. It will enhance the youths' understanding of the messages and powerful illustrations conveyed in these stories and will help make both their learning and the stories they are reading more relevant and exciting.

Our program will provide kids the opportunity to foster the growth of leadership and life skills through meaningful learning projects.


Friday - July 16th
Morning: Garden Basics - Kids will learn what plants need, they will get their hands dirty while learning about the make-up of soil, the power of light & working together.

Afternoon: Plantzilla - We will read this fun & thrilling book then explore growing sprouts & the making of a carnivorous plant.

Monday - July 19th
Morning: Garden Basics - Kids will discuss safety in the garden and as a team as they set rules of conduct for camp. By making their very own recycled pots, the kids will learn about the fragility of baby plants as they start their own tiny seeds to grow.

Afternoon: Ms Rumphius - We will explore life cycles of plants and how they grow from one stage to the next. The kids will work together creating a mini meadow of their own here at The Wicked Plant Shop, that they can come back to and visit often.

Tuesday - July 20th
Morning: Garden Basics - We will work further on our recycled pots, view our sprouts and observe our meadow.

Afternoon: Brother Eagle, Sister Sky - The group will work as a team to understand the interrelatedness of life on earth. Each child will build a collage of themselves as we explore self-identity and expand our relationship to the environment. Finally the group will work to understand the ratio and proportion of the earth's ocean, mountains, desert and usable land surface.

Wednesday - July 21st
Morning: Garden Basics - Our group will explore our greenhouse, view our baby plants we are growing and learn how we multiply our plant community. The kids will review the things animals and plants need for survival through play!

Afternoon: The Gardener - Kids will learn about color in the garden and how to mix it to make the world more beautiful. Then we will explore items we can up-use from recycled trash to make a plant container and learn to propagate a plant to grow at home.

Thursday - July 22nd
Morning: Garden Basics - Today we will explore how plants grow as we learn the different ways seeds are dispersed; what soil is made up of as we make edible models; next we will make a cloud and learn how rains falls to earth & finally we will experiment to understand how water moves to help or hurt our gardens.

Afternoon: Tops & Bottoms - With this engaging book, the group will work to understand the different types of root systems, play "Veggie Bunk" to identify plant parts, and finally decide if its a fruit or a veggie as we try different foods from the garden.

Friday - July 23rd
Morning: Garden Basics - Finally we end our adventures by enjoying our sprouts, finishing up our recycle pots and making homemade jam to enjoy with our sprouts!

Afternoon: Weslandia - In this book, we follow Wesley as he creates a new civilization in his backyard. The kids will mimic him as they create a civilization of their own at Wicked. We will build a "Earth Clock", explore the importance of staple crops and develop our own "playtime in Wickedlandia!

Whew - what a week...but oh what we learned!