Rachel is one of those gals that works on a mission. That was evident the day she popped into Wicked and asked for a job. My first comment way, "No our staff is all hired for the season". But Rachel was not going to take no for an answer! She made a case for herself, letting me know she had 4 years experience at a garden center in Pennsylvania and another year working for a shrub farm in Arizona. She had her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in ceramics (so do I...that was an immediate connection) and loved working with plants. She proceeded to sell me on how she could make a difference at Wicked and she had me hooked.


She started the next week and like all of our incredible staff, she has made a solid difference at Wicked. Rachel has a wide range of talents, she knows her annuals, can chat all day long about most of our houseplants, she loves perennials and has a strong working knowledge of our edibles. Her greatest strength is her creativity!