David and I go way back to when I worked for that other garden center! He had once owned his own landscape business, but due to the overhead, joined the other company where he worked for 15 years. He joined the Wicked family in the summer of 2021, coming to my home and asking to be a part of Wicked. I welcomed him in and he spent the summer helping us close down our second shop and condense everything at our Fort Henry location.


He kept dropping hints he wanted to add a landscape division to Wicked. Finally we had a customer wanting a small job done on his property and the rest is history! David has a passion for cleaning up yards and making our customers gardens look amazing.


He offers simple yard clean-up to full scale wall installations. He has the proper knowledge to install shrubs and trees so they have a great start, using the right soil amendments and fertilizers at the time of planting. He knows the proper way and time to prune all shrubs. He can stop by your place, take a look around and give you a quote on your next landscape project. Give us a call today!