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Melody Parsons

Hi, First I'd like to say I love your website and can't wait to visit your shop. A friend recently told me about you. But my question is about the website. There is a login page but I don't see anywhere to create an account to be able to login. Thanks for your help.

Kaci Briden

Do you sale lemon grass and lavender

Teresa Thompson

I am mainly interested in herbal plants, such as rosemary, citronella, mint etc.etc. Do you all have a variety of those types of plants?

Sherry L Juboor

I noticed a log in option. What is that all about?

Sandra Kick

I live in Bulls Gap Tn. is it to early to plant bulb-plants that have already bloomed and pansies?

Judyth Brinning

Hi Jane! cannot wait til you're open in the spring. I will be looking for lupin plants and iris and tall alliums and all the other goodies!

Julie McClure

Hello, do u have gift certificates?

Joan A. Denney

Saw this article and thought you’d like as information for customers interested in the benefits of houseplants.
From The Cherokee Tribune Canton , GA

Cherokee Tribune | Page A007Thursday, 9 November 2023
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Detoxifying your house with houseplants

Houseplants bring the beauty of the outdoors inside and add life to room and are once again becoming a source of decor for any room in your home. Besides adding to the beauty to a room, houseplants are also very beneficial to your health. According to NASA’s landmark 1989 Clean Air Study, one 10-inch potted plant can clean up to 100 square feet of air space. Some plants can reduce pollutants by as much as 80 percent in just 24 hours.

Indoor air pollutions are found in formaldehyde carpeting, pressed wood, fiberboard foam insulation, paper products, hydrocarbon vinyl furniture, detergents, fabric softeners, benzene glue, spot remover, paint, varnish and paint stripper, paint lacquer, varnish, and adhesive. All of these air pollutants can be controlled by the use of houseplants. Unlike commercial filters that absorb toxins like a sponge and are discarded in a landfill, plants break toxins apart by sucking air into the soil, where microbes degrade these pollutants. So, what plants are best for your particular needs? The following is a list of common houseplants and how they can work for you in your home or office.

Boston ferns, areca palm, peace lily and weeping fig are houseplants that reduce aerial concentrations of volatile formaldehyde which can trigger asthma symptoms or eye, nose, and throat irritations. Boston ferns and peace lilies are great in a bathroom since they thrive in shaded areas and like a humid environment.

Have allergies? A rubber plant has a high humidity content and like a magnet draws in dust and allergens which adhere to the leaves of the plant instead of remaining in the air.

Get headaches often and don’t know why? It co

Lelia Cosimbescu

I was wondering if you are interested in primulinas or Hoyas to propagate. I am a collector of both, with 75 varieties of primulinas and about 50 Hoyas. I do not sell them, but occasionally they throw a shoot or I need to trim them and I end up with multiples. I live in Kingsport not too far from you, let me know if at all interested, I can send pictures of the exact plant. These are rare hybrids and not found anywhere except specialized growers. Thanks.

Aimee M

I recently bought a Peace Lily and was needing care instructions! Thank you!

Susan Felicissimo

Do you sell plants and ship?

Gabby S

Hello ladies I just have a few things so ask about.
1 I've been getting into orchids. I was looking for mini orchids price range and regular orchids price range
2 I've recently made a small enclosed terrarium. First time making one so I'm learning. I put a layer of activated charcoal, a layer of coffee filter just to keep them separated and small/med rocks. I used succulents soil as a base and layered in some beautiful moss from our yard in top. I'm just trying to find something that will fit and grow without overtaking the container. I've had a hard time finding "mini" plants.
Any advice on either subjects would be greatly appreciated!!
Oh do y'all have some hanging donkey tail succulents price range?? I can't go crazy on plants this time of the year 😤

Cindee Gagnon

I visited your booth Saturday morning at the Model City Show and bought several plants, which I love. You explained how to take care of each plant but I knew I wouldn't remember them all, but you mentioned on each pot was info how to take care of, however, I purchased a Venus fly trap with no label😱. Would you please remind me best light and how to water. There were also a few that you mentioned I could bring to your store for repotting, was this one of them when it needs to be? It's in a tiny pot and I'm not sure at what point I will need to repot.
Thanks so much for your help and looking forward to hearing back from you.

Gracie Weiberg

Hi! I love your alls shop. I am looking to possibly get some help with an agave plant I bought from y’all a few years ago. I put her outside to get some heat and Sun over the past few weeks, bringing her in when it rained. The plant is now not doing so well, I would love some advice and could most definitely bring her in to y’all if that’s what she needs! TIA Gracie

Wendy Crum

Do you have any Dutchman pipeline plant or something in the
Aristolochia family?

Randi Van Vleck

Do you sell your t-shirts? I love your Instagram channel.
Thank you,
Randi 🥰

Joyce Wing

Hello, I am looking for your pond plants, on your website. I can't find a "seach"

Lisa Jean Bruneau

Do you ship?


I recently discovered Wicked's Facebook page and am a HUGE fan of all the helpful reels!! In the last few days I've watched almost every single one. I can't decide if my favorites are the What The Heck's Wrong With That Plant, or the Wicked Weirdos! My birthday is in August and my anniversary is in March. I'm hoping to talk my partner into a hiking trip to Tennessee for one of those events... but mainly so I can visit your shop in person! Thanks for all of the SUPER helpful information you have on your site and on Facebook!

Cady Warnecke

Hi Jane! I am the Eastern Regional Sales Manager with Renee's Garden. We have wonderful packaged garden seeds! I saw recently that you all like to host events for your customers and this is something I'd love to donate seed packets to. I think you would love our product! Please let me know a good email address I can send info to.


Shayla Fox

Hi! I found your videos and love them!!! I've always loved plants but have just gotten really into it in the 6 months. One of the first plants I got was a dieffenbachia. She's not doing too well and I'm not sure exactly why. Id love to see you talk about identifying rootrot, like before it's completely obvious, bc they say brownish mushy roots but sometimes the roots look brownish just because they've been in the dirt. So anyway id love to see some videos on dieffenbachia or identifying rootrot in different plants. Thank you!!!

Sherry Case

Hi and Happy Mother's Day,
My son and daughter in-law brought me an African Spear plant and a gift certificate!!!! I am so excited about both!
I will see you soon.


Hello, do you have any bleeding heart plants? Thank you.

Nancy Fry

Do you have red yucca yet? Also, when will you expect Beautyberry? I love your shop!!!! Thanks!

Sandi L Shead

Can you recommend chicken friendly plants for a slope?

Bobi Lawrence

Do you all have any Pussy Willows?

Sandy Fankhauser

I am looking for string of turtles. I was wondering if you have any and if you ship? If you do, what is the cost? Can someone order online??


those planters you just showed of the animals is there a way of ordering on line and then shipping??

Brandi butler

Do yall have a way for someone to order online and then ship???

Tim Barr

Do you sell bonsai juniper trees?


Is there a way to order plants? I'd love to see what you have for sale.


Do you have any tips for dealing with leaf miners? They showed up a couple of years ago and they weren’t too bad. Now they attack my pepper plants relentlessly. I’ve tried pinching off the affected leaves, neem oil, and some other bug control products but they never go away. Thanks in advance for your help.


I purchased a key lime tree that is about 2 feet tall about a month ago. I took him from Key Largo to Pennsylvania. When I got him home he lost some leaves, which I attributed to the move and slight climate change. My house is 74°. I reported him and gave him fertilizer which his tag said was due and placed him in a sunny room. Now all his leaves are gone and I feel awful. I think it was all too much too fast. Do you have any suggestions to help him come back and thrive? Or did I kill yet another plant "helping" it? Thank you

Danielle Neeley

Good afternoon! I’m Danielle Neeley and my son goes to tri cities Christian school. They are holding a fundraising banquet on December the 3rd and we are looking for donations to be put in baskets to be auctioned off. One of the baskets is a “garden theme” basket. We were wondering if you’d like to make a gift card donation for the basket? Any donations we appreciate so much!! You can contact me at 423-502-2939 or

Thanks so much!