Growing my own food was something I have wanted to do since my kids were kids. I was concerned about how the food at the grocery store was handled, the distance the food traveled and the safety of how it was grown. I wanted taste! I wanted to touch the earth, plant a seed and reap the rewards that happens when Mother Nature does her miracles.

Finally in 2010 my family and I moved north from the steamy hot tropics of Southwest Florida to the temperate climate of Northeast Tennessee. In Florida there is simply no way to grow a tomato, not the kind I wanted. Growing cool weather food just simply did not happen. When I moved north, I had to learn it all. The seasons, the soil, the fertilizers, what grew when and how to cultivate the plants for the biggest, most rewarding harvests I could.

These pages are for you! Join me in the journeys I have walked as I went from City Girl to Country Girl. I will offer you easy to follow tips, try to spare you some of the pitfalls I stumbled into and help you grow a love of being an Edible Gardener.